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 Delivered by Mae Nunnally

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The following Short story is for your enjoyment. Feel free to comment. Smile

by Mae Nunnally

Barely protected if that's what you can call two guards at the entrance of a hole in a wall. Delighia hated the fact that Qeynos cared so little about the people of Surefall Glade. She had grown up a loner, due to her parents being killed by the gnolls of Blackburrow. She yearned to leave this pitiful little town, but Master Bowen forbade her, saying she still had much to learn.
Over the years Delighia's hate grew and grew. Then the day came that she drew her blade and slaughtered one of the town’s precious bears that wonders the secret caves. She took delight as the blood drained and with it the life of the beast. It was then that she knew she must leave. She waited 'til dark before making here way out the front of town. She stood for what seemed like hours just behind the guards debating whether she could take them quick enough or not. In the end she walked slowly pass both guards. Once she was safely far enough away she left the evil little chuckle escaper her throat and lips. She knew she would not be returning unless it was to slay those pitiful guards. That most evil joy would have to wait for another time.
While Delighia was exploring the hills, she watched and listened to what was around her. She sat gloating over her secret little kill back in town, when she heard a russell. She got up and looked around, even before she saw what it was she knew she wanted to kill it. She stepped over behind a tree and waited for who or whatever to pass. To her surprise it was Holly Leafrunner. She had always hated Holly, hated her for being so care free. She had heard that Holly wondered the hills like she owned them. If she knew them so well, why hadn't she saved her parents? Before Delighia knew it she was just a few feet behind Holly. She drew her sword just as Holly turned around. Before Holly could drawl her own sword or call for help Delighia had rammed her sword right thru Holly's chest. As she withdrew her blade, she watched the life drain from her eyes. An evil laugh escaped her lips as she searched Holly's corpse for money and valuables. She stood up after wiping her blade on Holly's cold dead corpse and walked away.
From the top of the hill towards the cave leading to the gnolls lair, stood a man. he had never seen such pure evil. The thrill just knowing there was someone as cold as he sparked a wild interest. He had to meet this cold hearted young lady. True she wasn't of his blood, but he had yet to meet someone of any female race so cold and evil. Just the though of meeting such a lady had always made his blood run hot. He called to his very loyal companion and began to follow the lady of his newly fueled desire.
Delighia knew that she all she had to do was find the path. The path she knew would lead her straight to Qeynos. She could really care less about the town, but she needed a place to spend the night and also pick up some supplies. Besides what little money she had found on Holly, she had taken her bow. She had taught herself how to use one year ago and before her father had been killed; he had taught her the skills needed to fletch her own arrows. Now that she was out on her own she would need to find out where to hunt.
As she neared the town's entrance she could feel the eyes of the guards on her. She thought of them as worthless, but there was too many to do anything, but walk on by and smile.
He knew he couldn't follow her inside the city, not unless he wished to die. He could use the shadows, but thought better of it. The humans of Qeynos didn't care for his kind, at least not the ones of the city. Now the humans of the catacombs, they were totally different bunch of people. They didn't like him but they wouldn't kill him either. He decided to set up camp to the side of town, just around to the right. He'd wait for the fiery red head with the heart of ice there. Sooner or later she would need to leave. Even though he had not met her as of yet, he knew she would feel the need to kill again and soon. He was almost certain she even enjoyed it, maybe as much as he did. He sat and made camp.
Delighia couldn't buy much with the few pieces of gold and silver, but it was enough to pick up some much needed supplies. While roaming around town, she had heard of a few ways to make some quick cash. One way that had caught her interests was to slaughter gnolls and remove their teeth. It didn't sound all that hard and she'd be able to kill the ones that had killed her parents. She always felt revenge was best served cold and with lots of pain.
It was early the next morning as he was packing up, that he looked up and saw her leaving. She was heading toward the hills. He picked up his bags and hurried after her. He had to stay clear of the paths because of the guards. He had thought that this cold hearted lady was just as crazy as she was deadly, 'til she turned and started heading straight towards the lair of the gnolls, known as Blackburrow. His heart jumped as she took out the gnolls just outside the mouth of the cave. She didn't flinch not even a hint of hesitation as she slaughtered them all.
He hadn’t realized how close he had gotten until she turned with blade raised. He took a step back. "Sor..."
"You shouldn't sneak up on someone like that. You're very lucky I didn't kill you," she said before he could finish a word.
He stood staring and cursing himself for being so careless. "I guess I should be grateful you didn't swing. Forgive me I didn't mean to startle you." His words trailed off as he watched her walk away. He collected himself and found himself thinking ' what an ungrateful wench'. Then he smiled.
He started after her when an arrow hit the ground at his feel. On the arrow was a note it read: ' Stop following me or next time I won't hesitate in cutting your little blue head off. D ' He pulled the note off and folded it up and placed it in his pocket. ' No woman would get the best of me, she will pay dearly, ' he thought to himself as he called forth his companion.
He didn't need to be hot on her heels to keep track of her. He left her time to get well inside the gnolls lair before entering. he became one with the darkness as he neared the mouth of the cave. He learned long ago that the darkness and shadows were his closest friends. The fiery young lady would not get the better of him.
Once inside she went straight to work slaying and collecting teeth and ruined armor. The leather smith in town told her that he would give a fair price on each piece she brought back. She put on what she could wear for it was better than the cloth she was currently wearing. After battling all that was in sight she walked towards what appeared to be a hole in the ground. Reaching the edge she saw that it was more of a pit then a hole. She had heard rumors that no one has survived the jump. She thought to herself, ' why would anyone even think of jumping? ' She went to turn away when she saw something move. She watched a little longer 'til she had a clear view. Only seconds later she had her bow drawn. She waited for another clear shot and left her arrow fly.
A few seconds went by and nothing came. She figured she had missed. As she turned to look for another gnoll to slay, there came one running at her. She hadn't missed for her arrow was sticking out of the gnolls shoulder. She went to drawl her sword to finish the task, but by the time she went to swing there was six more gnolls attacking her. She looked past those six and saw there was a continuous line of them. In that moment fear raised its ugly head and she froze, sword at her side.
He knew he had to do something, as evil as he was, he couldn't stand by and watch her be killed. Still one with the darkness he walked up to her. " Run, my lady, run. They will only chase you so far. " He spun her around and pushed her back toward Qeynos Hills. His companion was already in combat, killing his third gnoll. Just before she was out of reach he called forth inner sacrifice, ripping a piece of his life and soul from himself and giving it to her. As soon as she was safe he knew he'd have his hands full. All that was chasing her would return to feed on him, or they could try. Jabober returned to his side, waiting his next command.
She ran as fast as she could, for a brief second she thought she would surely die. Then when she had breathed her last, she felt a little strange but better. When she turned around she saw that all the gnolls were gone. She slowly quietly walked back to the end of the cave. She peered around the end just as all the gnolls fell dead. To her surprise the man with the blue skin stood in the middle of a circle of dead with a skeleton. She had heard of the blue skinned ones, heard that they were evil and cold at heart. The skeleton did not scare her it actually intrigued her. Even the fact that knowing he had a skeleton companion meant he was a member of the necromancers, it didn't phase her.
He knew she was there, he didn't have to look. “Come, my lady, gather their teeth and whatever else you want from these foul creatures.” As he turned around he told his companion to sit. The skeleton then crumbled into a pile of bones. She was close enough to touch now, but he stood where we was, “Please take what you want or need.”
Delighia only hesitated a moment before she started collecting all the gnoll teeth she could find. She couldn't get the last few for her bags were full. She stood up, “Thank you, " and before she could say anything else he was handing her a bag.” I ...”
“Do not worry I have plenty, please get the rest. I have heard they bring good money in Qeynos. However the humans do not like me. “He watched as she grabbed the last of the teeth. “The names, Chuzordie, next time do not attack anything from down there unless you can kill them instantly with your arrow. If you wish to adventure deeper, do it slowly and look around every corner. Farewell, my lady!" He had once again stepped into the shadows. He couldn't risk staying any longer. He felt a very strong pull towards her. Now that he had gotten a close enough look, he knew she was indeed human, but there was something else.
She looked around for him, but she couldn't see him. She knew he was still there, she could feel it and his skeleton still lay there. “Thank you again, Sir Chuzordie, I shall never forget this.” As she turned and headed back towards the hills, she heard a cackle. She smiled and took great pleasure in knowing that yet another gnoll was about to die.
He watched her walk away; he started after her, but then thought better of it. He knew where she was going and knew she was safe and could handle herself in the hills. He made his way back to the tunnel leading to the hills. After putting his companion on guard he sat down in a slight cut out in the tunnel way. What had he just done, he thought to himself, any necromancer would have just let her die. No one as evil as he would have even stepped in, let alone even thought about it. They more than likely would have stood there and watched her die. Had he become soft? Did this woman mean something to him? He knew he should forget about her and go on his way. He was so self observed in himself that it wasn't until he felt a tap on his shoulder that he looked up and saw a pile of dead gnolls just ahead. He looked to see who had wanted his attention, but there was no one there. He decided then that he might want to find a better spot to loose himself in. He got up, called his companion and heading out to the hills to camp down for the night.
She had been heading back to slay more gnolls when he appeared out of the cave. She watched as he just walked aimlessly forward. He didn't even stop when a gnoll attacked him. He just kept walking as his skeleton killed the gnoll, and then hurried to catch his master. Before the next gnoll could touch him, her arrow had found its heart. She continued to watch as he sat down near an empty shack. She longed to see if he was alright, but she kept her distance. Even though she owed her life to him she still feared for life. She had been told that necromancers could not be trusted, that they'd kill you, just as soon as look at you. She sat down where she was and decided she'd keep an eye on him and come morning if he still sat there she would see if he was hurt or not.
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Delivered by Mae Nunnally
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