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 Delivered - Part 2 Continued

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Delivered  - Part 2 Continued Empty
PostSubject: Delivered - Part 2 Continued   Delivered  - Part 2 Continued Icon_minitimeMon Jan 19, 2009 2:22 am

He was still a bit dazed, but she couldn’t give him another potion, at least not for a few more minutes. She helped him sit against the wall and then sat next to him. She took him in her arms and cradled his head against her. She said nothing but continued to hold him. She sat and listened keeping aware of her surroundings. Soon she felt his breathing slow, but it remained steady. She lowered his head to her lap and left him sleep. She knew it wasn’t good, but she would wake him in a few minutes.
While he slept she tried not to think about what would have happen if she hadn’t been there. It hurt just to think about it. He still had many cuts and wounds. She got out a bunch of bandages and wrapped the worst of his wounds. She noticed the wound on her hand and wrapped it. It occurred to her that she hadn’t even looked to see if she had been wounded. She took a moment to concentrate on her body, searching her body for pain. She hurt in multiple places but she left it go. Her main concern remained Chuz. It had been awhile and it was safe for him to have another potion. She lightly began to shake him. She started to whisper his name when she saw him move.
At first he though he was dreaming, then he felt the hands on him. He looked around, but didn’t recognize where he was. Then he heard a voice. He went to roll over to see who he was at the mercy of, but he found that it hurt way too much. He felt her hands again, this time they were helping him to roll over. Soon he was looking up into the eyes of the one he had been dreaming of. It had been a while since he had last seen her. Chase hadn’t told him much the last time he was to see him. All he had told him was that she had joined the warriors.
He closed his eyes for a moment to gather his thoughts. She had started to say something; he put his finger to her lips to quiet her. He could feel her nervousness. He opened his eyes and gave his best smile through the pain that was still raking his body. “I’m guessing I’m not here because I fell over you.” He gave a little laugh and found even that hurt.
She looked down at him and saw his chest, if that’s what if was, at the moment it was covered with blood. She looked away for a moment to find a water flask. She turned back and started to clean the blood away. Once she could tell how bad they were, she was able to bandage them.
He watcher her as she washed and bandaged his wounds. Even with all the pain, he had to will himself to ignore her hands on his chest. It had been a really long time since a woman had touched him. He knew it wasn’t meant to be anything, but it felt nice none the less. He closed his eyes and drifted in a place somewhere between awake and sleep. He heard her calling his name again and answered, “Delighia, I’m fine, just really, really sore. It hurts everywhere and I owe you my life.” He looked up at her again.
“Okay, here let’s drink this; it should go a long way to making you feel better.” She held a potion bottle to the side of his mouth. She would use her last potion if need be. He said he owed her, but really they were even now. She would give her life for him.
He knew of all the potions that shamans made, he had even carried some himself, but hadn’t used them in a long time. He pushed himself up; he’d been lying on her long enough. “Help me up, please.”
She sat the potion down and helped him to sit up. She kept him in front of her. She laid a hand on his cheek and turned his head toward her. Then laying her other hand on his other cheek, she looked him in the eyes and kissed him. She picked the potion back up and offered it to him. “Would you like this now?”
He took the potion and set it aside. Without giving it a second though he kissed her back. “I think this is working better,” he said with a smile.
She didn’t say anything just kissed him and left him take the lead. She had wanted this, more than she would ever admit. She pulled him closer as the kissing continued.
The next hour or so the kissing continued. He tried not to read into it. He knew he should stop this, but it felt so, so good. It was while they were kissing that earlier came back to him. Being beaten to the ground by a half a dozen sarnaks was not something he wanted to remember. He knew he shouldn’t go on rampages when he wasn’t completely committed, and it had almost cost him his life. He thought to himself, ‘maybe I won’t have to go it alone anymore’ and smiled.
He had to stop things because something else was wanting attention. He gently took her by the shoulders and pushed himself away. “Delighia, as much as I’m enjoying this, it needs to stop, before things go too far.”
She knew it was for the best no matter how much she didn’t want it to end. She grabbed his wrists and said, “I don’t want to loose you again. I could have lost you forever today.” She wanted to say so much more, but needed to know how he felt. She also needed to know that he saw her as a woman now and not a lost soul wondering around. However she wasn’t about to leave him go again.
He had a feeling there was more to it. There was a lot he could say, but all in good time. She had definitely changed and grew as well as blossomed. He knew she had found her way in life and was at peace with things in her past. They still had plenty to talk about. He knew that in time all would be revealed.
They sat and talked, catching up on lost time. She told him of what she went through to become a warrior. She did however leave out that she had constantly checked with Chase to see if he had heard from him. He in turn told her of the places he’d been to and the creatures he had killed. He never took the potion, instead he told her to keep it, that all he needed was to rest. He moved to against the wall and shut his eyes. She watched as he seemed to relax. She left him to his thoughts as she turned into her own.
Much later he woke to find her lying next to the wall asleep. He stood and said a few words; a few seconds later his specter companion appeared by his side. He told it to guard as he lay down beside her. Other than wanted to he knew if they were attacked he would be the first to be hit. He put his arm around her waist and he felt her back up closer to him. Ignoring the yearning in his loins, he joined her in slumber, leaving their gods and his servant to protect them.
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Delivered - Part 2 Continued
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