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 Delivered - Part 2 ( Enjoy )

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Delivered - Part 2  ( Enjoy ) Empty
PostSubject: Delivered - Part 2 ( Enjoy )   Delivered - Part 2  ( Enjoy ) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 19, 2009 2:21 am

Delivered ( Part 2 )

She had been lost for so long. Not just lost but full of anger. In just the short time she had been with the warriors she had learned to control that anger. For a while she had bounced between Chase and Honz, not sure which way to go. Honz had finally gotten through to her by appealing to her weapon side. If she had gone to the necromancers she would have had to give up her sword. She still kept in touch with Chase, mainly to try and keep in touch with Chuzordie. She owed him a lot, if it wasn’t for him she would still be out there wondering around lost.
She had learned a lot from Honz. She had learned to guard better, to listen better for things around her and to be ready for anyone or anything. She was bound to the warriors as well as Bertoxxous. She was glad to finally belong somewhere, but she still preferred to be alone. She had recently taken to a new weapon. She liked the power it gave her to swing such a large weapon.
She had made the trip to Neriak several times. She would never admit that it was in search of Chuz. She knew she should let go, but she really wanted to repay her debt to him. Chase had told her to forget about him, that Chuzordie was a man of his own. He was happy being alone.
Eventually she did forget about him and went her own way, finally travelling and seeing the world. She had learned to carry lots of different potions to aid her in travel and battle. She had made friends with an iksar shaman that would make the rare potions. She had started learning trade skills and lately had been replacing her backpacks and bags with ones she had made. She had heard about a special bag she could make that would greatly reduce the weight of the items contained within. She had searched The Bazaar every couple of days until she had found the pattern. Now she had the bag and it helped a lot. She had also picked up a machine that made bandages, so she practically had an endless supple as long as she kept the machine charged.
She had tired of most of the lands she had been hunting in. Oceano had told her of a place called Chardok. She refilled her potions before leaving the Plane of Knowledge. She had a good days travel ahead of her. She left the Plane of Knowledge and entered the land of Overthere. Checking her map she headed for Skyfire. On the way she killed rhinos, sabertooth tigers and tigresses as well as cockatrices and ugly creatures called sarnaks. The spiney green things didn’t seem to care and just walked right by her.
Entering Skyfire she sat and rested, mending her wounds by bandaging the really bad ones. There weren’t many do to the mass damage she could put out with her sword. She took a few minutes to look over the land before her. It was dark and dead, no trees, no grass. She checked her map making sure of which way to head. Before leaving the entrance she found the invisibility potions and drank one, making her invisible to the creatures. She headed for the land called Burning Woods. She had asked once why it was called the Burning Woods and was told it was because somewhere the woods were actually on fire.
On her way she came to a stream that was the color of blood and had steam coming from it. Not wanting to chance it she backed up a ways, ran and jumped over the stream. Landing on the edge she got her balance and continued on. As she walked into the woods she welcomed the cooler temperature and the shade of the trees. She stopped and tried to look around, but in every direction it was a hill or a tree.
She got her map out again, located the entrance to Chardok and headed out. She would have to hurry or she’d be travelling into the night. She didn’t mind the night, but it would slow her some so she could listen for anything that might try and attack her. Oceano had told her that she mostly had to watch out for the undead that roamed different parts of the woods. She had also told her that if she was going to camp down for the night to do so in a certain spot. She had marked it on her map where she would be the safest.
The sun had been down for awhile now, but she only had a short distance to go. She stopped, drank a potion to quicken her feet and then another to make her invisible again. Twenty minutes later she was at the spot Oceano had marked on the map. She sat down in the corner and pulled out some items and set to work making a cheesy casserole. She didn’t bother to get any thing out to lie on, for she had decided to use the corner and sleep sitting up. She took a few sips of milk and shut her eyes, and praying that sleep would find her.

He didn’t know how long he’d been there, nor did he care. He knew it had been two or three days. He had come there just to kill and only to kill. This wasn’t the first time he’d gone on a killing spree, but it had been awhile since he’d done it there in Chardok. Ever since he had left her behind he’d been running, running from his thoughts. He kept telling himself that there wasn’t anything else he could have done. She had needed more than he could give. It would have been different if she had been a scholar type, then he could have taught her the ways of the necromancer. However he knew from the beginning that she would never part with her sword, and that was something he would not take from her. She had, had so much taken from her already, she needed that sword. The sword was her lifeline.
He fought with himself for days telling himself that she meant nothing to him. He knew he could deny it until the day he died that she hadn’t touched his heart, but he knew it was a lie. So now instead of fighting it, he went on a killing spree to keep his mind too busy to argue. He had checked back with Chase to make sure she had found her way. He had told him that it had taken her a while to decide but in the end she had chosen the warriors. He knew she would and it was for the best. He had wanted to keep up on her, but he had told himself that it was best to stay away and forget her.
He adventured deeper into Chardok as he and his specter companion killed yet another sarnak. He smiled and laughed as he sucked its last bit of life from it and watched as it fell to the ground. Searching the corpse he found a few pieces of platinum and gold and a peridot, he placed the loot in his bags and moved onto the next kill.

She awoke to a cold and damp day. She sniffed and could still smell the rain in the air. She thought to herself, ‘good thing I’ll be fighting underground today.’ She stood, stretched a bit to work out the stiffness of sleep from her body. Looking at the map she ran the short distance to Chardok. Almost as soon as she entered the underground lair she was attacked by an odd looking creature. She drew her sword and made quick work of killing it. Being that she had never been there before she took every precaution when advancing. She also checked ahead before attacking, to make sure she could handle it.
As she drank another potion to become invisible she wondered yet again why she hadn’t become a shadow knight instead. Then she remembered she hadn’t wanted to be bothered with learning spells. She didn’t mind carrying all the potions, but it did get costly at times. She had spent well over five hundred platinum on just the invis potions. She had been meaning to pick up one of the tinkered contraptions that the gnomes made, that would invis the person holding it, but when she checked in The Bazaar last the cheapest one was gonna cost her three thousands platinum and she wasn’t ready to pay that much. She had been hoping to meet someone that would make one for her if she got all the components needed. She had heard of two that would do so, Wendeex and Kurious, but she hadn’t been able to find them. She had sent word that she requested to speak with them, but neither of them had answered.
She moved forward, readied her bow and fired. Seconds later the ugly creature lay dead at her feet. Searching the corpse she took an odd looking paper and some white powder. She continued forward the same way. A few minutes later she was down further into the lair. For a short distance there was none of the ugly creatures. A little further down she heard some very loud noises. She stopped and listened for a while. Whatever it was it didn’t sound good. Slowly she rounded a bend and saw what exactly it was. One of the nasty creatures fell to the ground and she saw the specter pet. Her heart stopped when she caught a glimpse of purple lying on the ground. Without a second though she ran forward and attacked one of the creatures still beating on the person.
She didn’t dare look away. She kept swinging and slashing away at the beast. She did see that the specter servant was still there defending his master, which meant the necromancer was still alive. When the beast in front of her fell to the ground, she turned her attention on the next one. Feeling herself weakening, she pulled out a potion, drank it and felt her strength return. She never gave up, just kept swinging until she saw the last one fall. Only then did she turn her attention to the man on the ground. She need not worry about his servant; it had died just as she started in on the last sarnak. She turned the person over and her heart fell. It was him. She needed to do something quick. She took out another potion, positioned his head on her thigh and slowly poured the liquid in his mouth. It took a few minutes but he started to come around. She knew he would be weak and dazed for a while and they weren’t the safest staying where they were. She took out two more potions. She helped him drink one and then she took the other one herself. Once they were safe from praying eyes, she got them to the safe spot out in Burning Woods.
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Delivered - Part 2 ( Enjoy )
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