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 Delivered Continued

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PostSubject: Delivered Continued   Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:45 pm

The night was long and cold and throughout the night he woke often only to see Jabober still by his side. He then would slip back into a restless slumber. She would not let sleep over take her, she would continue to guard the man only feet away. Besides she had plenty to do. She had made a nice sum of platinum and gold earlier, so she had resupplied her bags with arrow components. She sat and had fletched until her quiver was completely full. Before she knew it the sun had started to rise. She picked up her bags and look over to where Chuzordie was, only to see that he still lay there. She stood for a moment as if she would talk herself out of checking on him. She left out a sigh and then started towards him. As she drew near his skeleton turned toward her and stared. She knew better than to try and touch him for that most certainly would cause her death. She walked up to him, 'til she was within inches of him. “Sir Chuzordie.” She waited. She tried again. “Sir Chuzor..." She now found herself with a knife at her gut. She didn't move only stared back at the man at her feet. She wasn't afraid of him, but would leave the next move to him.
He blinked rapidly as if coming out of a daze, and then he lowered his knife. “I am sorry, but you should learn never to stand so close.” He pulled himself together and sat now looking up at the very woman that had filled his dreams. “Please sit, let us talk.” He held out his hand in offering.
Delighia knew she should just decline politely and continue on her way, but something about this man drew her in. She accepted his hand and sat down to his right. “I didn't mean to startle you, but when I saw you last night you seemed beside yourself, so I decided to make sure you made it through the night."
Was I so self observed last night, he thought to himself, that this woman had seen me so varnible. “I had a lot on my mind last night. I'm usually not so careless. Thank you for your concern." He sat looking straight at her wanting to say so much more. She was so beautiful, he found himself thinking, those icy green eyes, fiery red hair and lips to match, and a man could definitely loose himself in her arms. She was forbidden fruit to him, but yet he had heard nothing. Could it be that this woman is a renegade and had evaded choosing her god and way of life? Could he turn her even more evil and get her to choose Innorruk as the god she would worship. If he did manage to turn her heart as cold and dark as his, she would be welcomed by most in Neriak. An evil grin spread across his handsome face. “Would you care to accompany me today?” He once again looked up into icy green eyes.
She stood for a moment as if she hadn't heard a word, but she had heard him. She didn't want to need anyone, but thought of being alone didn't sit well either. She decided that maybe having friends like Chuz might come in handy. Besides, he definitely wasn't hard on the eyes. “Where had you planned on going?" She flashed an icy smile his way.
He knew he would most definitely need to be careful in more ways than on with her. First though they would need to get her better armed. He had a feeling she would make a good warrior. “First, let’s get you better outfitted. We shall head to the Plane of Knowledge, there I'll be able to forge you some better armor and weapons." He stood and called his pet. “Come." Together they walked away from the gnolls and headed to Qeynos.
She had heard of this knowledge place while she was in Qeynos, but hadn't cared to know how to get there. While she was in Surefall growing up she remembered that the druids were given the will and knowledge of spell casting. She had no desire for spells, she would much rather walk to where she wanted to go and kill with her blade.
It took just minutes to reach the edge of town, once they could barely see the guards; he turned and headed to the right. A few minutes later and they stood in front of an old book that lie open on a stone alter. “This is how we get to the Plane of Knowledge. All you do is place your hand on the book and the ancient magic will transport you. "Watch."
Before she could speak a word he had touched the book and was gone that quick. She was uncertain and didn't know if she was willing to try it. She still stood there when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and he was once again by her side. “I... I..." She didn't know what to say.
He looked at her and remembered how he felt the first time he had experienced the portal books. "It’s quite alright. Come we'll go together." He took her hand and laid it upon the book, then followed her. Seconds later they stood on the other side. “See nothing to fear. Come, we'll go forge you some new and better stuff. "
She followed him as well as taking in as much as she could, but always kept an eye on him. Last thing she wanted to do was get lost. Just following Chuz she had seen many different people, big muscular men and women whom she believed were barbarians from the neighboring land of Halas. Also very tall beautiful and handsome people that she wasn't sure who they were. Now inside the building, she was short gruffy people. Again she didn't know who or what they were.
Chuz looked up and saw the puzzled look on her face, then looked to where she was looking. he couldn't help but grin. He took a step towards her and whispered, “They are dwarves." He turned back to working on her armor. Again he grinned. The thought crossed his mind that she would be so easy to mold to his ways. he shook his head as to be rid of such a thought. He would show her around and get her comfortable with her new surroundings. It was plain to see that she hadn't been to far from Qeynos or Surefall Glade. He needed to get her to Freeport, so she could meet Craze and hopefully join the warrior guild there. Then he could take to his home in Neriak.
She watched as Chuz heated, formed and heated the metal again and again, until it was to his liking. Five minutes passed, then ten as she sat and continued to watch in silence. As he heated and molded the metal into what looked to be boots, she left her mind wonder, and wonder it did, to a place she rarely left it go. She'd give her last copper piece to see him naked, and with such a though she felt her face grow warm.
"My lady, you may want to move back a bit, your face is about as red as the fire." He turned back to the work at hand. He had the chest plate to finish and he'd be done. he searched his bags, but couldn't seem to find the mold he needed. He'd have to go purchase one. “Would you mind keeping an eye on everything? I need to run and get a mold. Shouldn't take me long, five minutes tops." And with that said he was already out the door.
She was glad to see him go, it would give her time to pull herself together. Once she could politely leave him she would. She needed to find her way in life.
He knew exactly where to go to get the mold needed, but he took his time. He has a feeling she needed some time alone. he sure did or he just might do something he'd regret. By the time he made it back, he was calm and collected. He set right to work finishing the chest plate. he turned once done and handed the backpack containing the armor to her. “Here," he said handing it to her.
He decided against taking her hunting. He would give her a large sum of money instead and some hearty food and drink. “Come, follow me to the bank." He headed to the main bank of the plane of knowledge. Once there he withdrew 3000platinum and two stack of Halas pies and Qeynos tea. “This is for you; it should be enough to hold you over for awhile. Go ahead and bank what you don't want to carry." He waited 'til she was done before he proceeded. “Now, there is someone I want you to meet. We need to go to Freeport. “So together they set off for Freeport. Once at the portal stone, she didn't hesitation in following him this time.
Now that they stood just outside of the town he said a few words and she felt her stomach lurch and churn a bit as her feet came off the ground. She caught the scream before it left her lips, silencing the cry of fright. He said a few more words and he disappeared but only briefly as he hid himself from the guards' eyes. “Come quickly, we must get past the guards and into the other part of town. Only there will I be safe to leave the shadows." She followed him without hesitation and quickly. The next time he stopped, they were in an area, very dark and gloomy. He continued on into what looked like a passageway made in the sand. Moments later they came upon humans dressed in robes similar to his own. He turned towards Delighia and said, “Please stay here, you are safe.” He then stepped forward towards the man to the right.
Delighia did as he asked, but kept her hand on the hilt of her sword. She wasn't scared she didn't even have any reason to fear. They were humans such as herself and none of them seemed to pay her any mind. She began to feel at ease and left herself relax.
Chuz knew that his was sort of a long shot, but he had a feeling that deep down she wanted to belong somewhere. Be among people that would treat her like family. He also felt she wouldn't mind perfecting her combat skills. All he had to dowlas ask a favor of an old friend. “Craze, old friend, I need a favor." He took the hand in front of him and greeted him silently.
"What favor could you possibly need? It has been such along time since you last visited us here in Freeport. I also heard the last time you were here you caused quite a stir with the militia." He chuckled and grinned remembering his younger days. He too had, had his times with the Freeport militia.
“I need you to take that young lady to the warriors that warship our god, Innorruk." He stood waiting for his friends answer.
“Not a problem, but is this what she wants?" It was indeed an odd request, but he needed to know what he was getting in to.
Chuz didn't really know for sure, but he knew it was what she needed. “She isn't sure what she wants, she is a lost soul. However I have seen her fight and kill. She killed Holly Leafrunner out in the hills and felt no remorse, just satisfaction in knowing she had kill her."
So she had killed Holly, he had heard of her death and wondered who had done so. "Very well, I will take her to meet Honz. Go explain to her, then return to me."
Chuz nodded and turned away. He walked the short distance back to Delightia.
"Is everything alright" she asked.
"Everything is fine. I need to ask you, do you wish to have a place to call home? Have someone train you to become the best?" He watched her face, it never changed, but he saw a flash of something in her eyes.
At first she was surprised, but then she saw the sincerity in his eyes, saw how steady they were. “Yes, yes I want all that, what do you need me to do?" She knew that she wouldn't be with him much longer; she knew he could not teach her the skills she craved.
He saw and felt her understanding. “Come; meet a very good friend of mine.”
Together they joined Craze once again.
“Delighia, this is Craze, he will be taking you to meet Honz. Honz will train you and make you part of his family, the Freeport Warriors of Innorruk." He brought her mere feet in front of Craze.
“Nice to meet you, Sir Craze." She offered her hand.
Craze took her hand firmly. “Likewise, my dear.” He tightened his hold only to have it returned.
She left go of Craze's hand and turned to Chuz. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Thank you for everything. Will I see you again? "
“I will be around. “he said.
“Then until we meet again, take care Sir Chuzordie, I will not forget you." She had to end this quick, it was time to move one.
She turned back to Craze, “Shall we?" she asked.
Craze glanced at his friend, saw the blank, cold look and knew he had already thrown up the wall. He nodded once and turned his full attention to Delighia. “We shall."
Chuzordie took one last look, then said a few simple words and was gone. Seconds later he stood in the plane of knowledge. He had called himself to the very spot his soul was bound too.
It was dark before he realized it. he had also wondered over to and under a small bridge. he had been sitting there, not really thinking or doing anything. He was just sort of in a daze. He looked up and saw the moon and the stars and knew that he must forget and move on. He had done all he could and with knowing this he found peace. Before lying down for the night he said a silent prayer and request to his god. ‘Continue to guide me, your evilness and keep her safe, I'm sure she'll serve you well.'
He called forth is skeleton servant, commanded him to guard, then drifted of to sleep.[left]
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PostSubject: Re: Delivered Continued   Tue Jan 13, 2009 5:43 pm

OOO i love this story i want more lol please pretty please more more more if u can hehe its soo wonderful of a story.
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PostSubject: future stories   Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:45 am

First let me say thank you for reading my story. I usually just play around with writing short stories. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, I will give it some thought on writing a second part. In the mean time I have some other short stories that I'll post just as soon as I can get them typed on the PC. I do all my writing on paper. A little old old fashion but I don't have access to a typewriter or PC all day. Again I'm glad at least one person enjoyed the story. You've brightened my day. Now that I can't play EQ since our account is inactive I have more time to write so, give me a some time and you just might see a second part to Delivered. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Delivered Continued   

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Delivered Continued
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