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 Rules - Sticky

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PostSubject: Rules - Sticky   Rules - Sticky Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 5:34 am

The following is your guild rules(I say your, because although Divinefate and Aalamil lead the guild, PB would be nothing without you all). I know we pride ourselves on the lack of rules. But as you all know certain rules must be stated and followed! Here are those rules

Guild Chat

Our policy in guild chat is very laid back. We do not police guild chat like most guilds. If you don't like it, turn your filter on! However, here's the rule, SEXUAL comments will not be tolerated in guild chat! These are any comment you can relate to orange no matter what! Comments about orange, AALAMIL!, private parts are not allowed! Let me elaborate a little bit more. If I jokingly call someone a banana, this is not sexual....Do i really need to elaborate on what would be considered sexual? I don't think so! Say shit, fuck, damn, ass, bitch, blah blah blah all you want! But don't say it in a serious manner directed at a fellow guildie! If you are joking around it should be known that you are joking..example "Rarezak you're a banana!" If he knows I'm joking then cool but lets not chance that and do this. "Rarezak you're a banana! :-)" See my point here? Now to totally throw you for a loop on that : Most of the time we don't give a damn but if you are going overboard you will get a tell so it's a common sense call on your part.. Okay moving on


PB does not have applications. We recruit based on who we meet and how nice you are and if you seem like a showy jerk or not. We ask you a couple of questions in a tell and tag you. Then we watch you and play with you and help you. We give you our all and we expect the same from you in return PB is very PB oriented: ie we like to be with eachother. Many of us have been burned by the other players on this server and are sick of feeling like we are in high school again so if you walk through our doors leave that crap behind you and Come Push the Boundaries with us. If you are cross servers and are interested in our guild you will be welcomed with open arms but if you fuck us over you will be out the door same with everyone on Bertoxx (yes we have a list)...not to worry though this server has a lot of assholes on it you will get along fine LOL=)

At this current time we recruit all levels and classes, main and alt alike! This may change in the future but for now follow that! We do appreciate active players though so Excessive AWOL's will not be looked upon nicely. A few things when recruiting. 1. Tell them to check our website and sign up using their main in PB's name. 2. Tell them our chat policy! 3. Find out if main/alt/box and mark it accordingly in the guild roster. Take not of their main's name if it is an alt or box-ANYONE associated with Shah will not be welcome so if you are from Shah on your main go away and come back after you realize what a jerk Zerph is.

But if you want an application here"
"Is this your main, Box or alt?"
If main or box: What is your mains name and what guild are they in? if Shahrazaad: End conversation.
"Ok please sign up on the website and I hope you don't mind cursing because we don't really monitior the guild chat!"

/guildinvite you

*Are on hold for right now since Shah fucked us. We are currently running everyone through tasks and keying in Sof as well as helping eachother out on epics CoA is still easy so 2.0s are not a problem.**

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7pm CST! Raids are not a requirement as long as we get the numbers. Members level 70+ are STRONGLY encouraged to raid with us. We understand if you are in a group and it is an unscheduled raid, don't worry. Please try to show up. Late is better then Never! If it is a scheduled raid please try to be finished with what you are doing by the time raid is scheduled to start, if that isn't possible try to hurry up as late is better then never! On raids you will NOT talk in /rsay unless your are Raid Leader, Puller, Main Assist, Class leader or Main Tank! There will be no exception to this! YOU WILL FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS ON RAIDS FROM THE RAID LEADER! THIS IS NOT QUESTIONABLE/ARGUABLE/DISCUSSABLE AT ALL! We will have chat channels set up for random banter.

Things are different for a Designated raider: They earn double pay so they are expected to be at a minimum of 50% attendance and there if they are online.


If you have an issue with another guild member, DO NOT voice it in guild chat! Take it to tells or inform an officer/conflict manager immediately who will set up a channel for the conflict to take place and moderate it! I do not want to see arguements in Guild chat or hear them in voice chat! We are a family work it out or move on. We don't want to be those guilds! we are working together not against eachother.

Getting booted:
Is very rare! Characters marked as a main will however be booted if they have not been logged in for 60 days unless you let someone know that you need an LoA. If you forget to let someone know; Once you come back to game if this has happened to you just send us a tell and we will re-invite you! If a character is marked as an alt it shouldn't be booted for being inactive but if it is more than likely someone went guild roster cleaning when they were drunk Or you were inactive for a realllyyyy LOONNNGGG timelol. just let us know and we will re-invite. This is why it's important to make sure all of your characters are marked right and let us know if there's a mistake=)

You will be booted if you have a toon in Shah or you are causing a disturbance and can not control yourself so have the foresight to know yourself and /q if you think you're gonna say some stupid shit. We all get stupid now and then so you won't be booted for removing yourself from the situation and coming back later or the next day and either talking about it or apologizing and saying ,"yeah sorry I was drunk" or whatever=) You won't get booted for pissing off the "Big name guilds" because they piss me off too lol!

You will also be booted if you leave you alts and take your main w/o telling someone to change your main-this falls under the looks like you are using us clause. see below..

Leaving the guild:
If you plan to leave the guild you must let an Officer know so that it can be passed on to the leaders. It is preferable if you let a leader know. Those that just leave without letting someone know will be considered as a user and will not be welcomed back. We try our hardest for everyone in this guild and anyone that would use us a revolving door and take us for granted is unwelcome.
I left but i want to come back:
That depends on how you left and why and what the notes are on the list of members that left-if you made it to the list probably not...if you didn't probably...just send us an e-mail or a tell and the officers will discuss it.

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Rules - Sticky
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