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 The Quon on classes, Pt 2

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The Quon on classes, Pt 2 Empty
PostSubject: The Quon on classes, Pt 2   The Quon on classes, Pt 2 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 14, 2009 6:06 pm

Quon on the Classes - part 2
The Quon teaches the classes to the masses.

As a part of The Quons ongoing mission to bring a deeper sense of understanding and shit to the peeps of Norrath, I'm busting down the second in a series of definitive class breakdowns.

Paladin - Self proclaimed "Holy Warriors" of EQ. First off, these 2nd class meat shields have the sweetest scam in the whole game short of the whole "Rez in my pocket" thing. Lay Hands is mad brilliant. "Hey, get your hands off my tits!" "Awww girl, I've gotta touch ya to heal ya."
The problems start when they do that shit to everyone. Male, Female, Ranger, whatever. For that reason, if there was a big ass shower in EQ and we all had to clean off after fights like it was gym class and shit, The Quon sure as hell would have his soap on a motha phuckin rope around The Paladin. It's all Truth, Honor, Integrity and shit until some young half elf exposes the Brown Eye, then its like a prison movie. Don't be all like "But The Quon, I'm really not gay, you're just looking a little under the weather, let me rub it better..." I swear to god if you ever inspect my equip, I'm gonna light your shit up, Yo. Oh, and if the shiat really hits the proverbial fan and The Quon looks like he may die, don't even THINK about Lay On Hands for The Quon. You'll just get a fist full of Divine Aura to grind up on.

The Quon's healing strategy for Paladins: The Quon keeps these phucks alive, he just does it from a distance.

Rogue - The Quon has an uber Bracer of the Hidden just for See Invis cause these mutherphuckers will sneak up on you like a yeasty queef in the night. They'll poke those tiny fingers up under your nose and shit and be all like "smell that". The Quon don't fall for that shit, he knows you stick your fingers up that Orc's ass while you're trying to pickpocket. And The Quon knows it ain't no accident. When The Quon was younger and newer to the ways of EQ love, he hooked up with this Halfling Rogue chick. She was mad nutty and had hands like one of those little diaper wearing helper monkeys. We got to it and she was all over The Quon, talking nasty in that secret Thief language about some shit The Quon didn't care about and sticking her fingers in every opening The Quon has. The Quon was hella turned on until she put her finger in his mouth. The Quon is dry heaving now thinking about. Plus it's a motha phuckin fact that they don't take care of their cha cha's if you get The Quons meaning.
Any time a rogue is in The Quon's group he send them a /tell right off, "Yo asspoker, if you want healed after you take a beatin because you can't control your own aggro you best be splittin that Pickpocket money with The Quon, 50/50 biatch. That doesn't include the DoT money you owe me either." Respect.
The Quon also likes to dog them about their poisons. "So you dropped mad cash and farmed green mobs for weeks to hit that mob with a 300 hp dot? Whoops, The Quon accidentally cast Sound of Force...220 damage and a stun for next to no mana, whoops, just did it again." Pwnd.

The Quon's healing strategy for rogues: Evade motha phucka. If the rogue has forked over phat platz then they will get a celestial here and there as needed, if not they better have a piercer that summons bandaids and shit.

Shadowknight - Not quite a Warrior and not quite a Necro. More often than not The Quon gets to group with the one who's gotten the Warriors brains and the Necros hp's. WTF? Transvestites have less of an identity crisis. Don't even try to play like you didn't choose a SK because you thought it had a "cool" name.
Every time The Quon sees a SK he wants to bust a cap in their ass. SK's should come in 12 packs cause they are about as useful as a busted condom once they've spent their HT load. The Quon could watch for the Harm Touch message and then be all like "NEXT!" and cycle those dozen candy asses through the group with mad haste. The 11 not in the group could entertain The Quon by /oocing words of amazement at eveything The Quon does..."Damn, The Quon can heal like a motha"..."Damn that's some good sitting", or making sure nothing is in The Quon's way when he trains the zone out.
Did you know that Knights have pets ? /boggle. That gimped animation has to /kneel before enchanter pets. I guess SOE gave them pity pets cause they knew a SK would never get a group. Seriously, have you ever seen a SK that didn't have LFG next to their name? For the longest time The Quon thought LFG was some kinda weird SK only guild. One of The Quon's favorite games is inviting a SK to the group, especially when he is somewhere remote like Sebilis and shit. They ALWAYS come, tails waggin and shit. When they finally arrive I'm like "dude, sorry, The Quon thought you were a warrior." After they calm down The Quon's all like "Do you have 11 friends?"

The Quon's healing strategy for ShadowKnights: If they fool The Quon and act like a Warrior they get The Big Heal Bomb. If at any time they do anything that clues The Quon in, it's Celestials all freakin night.

Warrior - Charter members of The Purple Club. When The Quon dreams at night it's mostly about Wood Elf bangtail, but every now and then, The Quon has a nice dream about a phat Barbarian Chick Warrior with chest guns like throwing boulders all walking like she's got two Halflings grappling to the death in her kilt, cold rocking 7,500 solid HP's and AC like The Quons SAT's (All 1500 and shit...yeahhh),and more Taunt than my drunk uncle on Thanksgiving. She does the purple dance on every single pull and is healed for 7,490 hp's every time. The Quon says "fetch" and she's off like a shot. The Quon says "ouch" and she's got him in her arms nestled all snug up in her grill like The Quon was a baby again and shit. The Quon says kill and she goes all bitchcakes on whatever The Quon wants dead. But that's a phucking dream and The Quon knows it.

The reality is that most warriors have got 5 brain cells and 4 of those are fighting over which one gets to beat the shit out the other 1, who's giggling, drooling and playing with himself over in the corner. When one of The Quons in-bred cousins stays over and begs The Quon to let him try EQ, what class does The Quon make him play? You know it. The Quons all like "put down the banjo and walk over to that orc and hit that button. Do that FOR-FUCKING-EVER. Boooya, now you're Cletus, Champion of Norrath, biatch."

The Quons healing strategy for Warriors: No hating here. The Big Heal Bomb was made for this shit. But you'd better come correct with the equipment. Don't make The Quon feel like he's over healing. Cause The Quon has no qualms about busting out Supernal Elixir on your ass and broadcasting his heal message to the whole zone AND your guild boss. "Supernal Elixir for this weak ass 62 Warrior cause The Big Heal Bomb is a phucking waste..."

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The Quon on classes, Pt 2
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