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 The Quon on Classes, Pt 1

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The Quon on Classes, Pt 1 Empty
PostSubject: The Quon on Classes, Pt 1   The Quon on Classes, Pt 1 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 14, 2009 5:57 pm

Quon on the classes - part 1
The Quon teaches the classes to the masses.

As a part of The Quons ongoing mission to bring a deeper sense of understanding and shit to the peeps of Norrath, I'm dropping the first in a series of definitive class breakdowns.

Bards - Band geeks who's natural defense involves a drum and blurry feet. Sounds like the wet dream of half of VI's geek ass dev team. On the aesthetic tip, The Quon digs the female bard in a big way, not a dog race in the bunch. As a class though, they have one of the worst naming track records in the game. Seriously..Notes, Chords, Melody, and such shit. C'mon, if I see one more Bard with some name like Halfnote McSongandDance or Minstril St.PolkaSinger, The Quon's gonna SL the whole class just on general principle. Not like that would matter much. When's the last time anyone actually hunted with a Bard anyway? I catch Mana Song whiffs every now and then around the nexus or in the GY's in PoP, but The Quon sure as shit never groups with one. I'm guessing there's a Swarm Kiting zone out there where they follow each other around in a clockwise circle jerk for xp. Fun. But I miss them, if only cause I want to bust out my old hot key, "Play mana song and rub my feet."

The Quon's general heal strategy for Bards: Hit 'em with a Celestial periodically as a gesture of good will, and if they insist on selfishly requiring the MCs valuable mana I wait until they're at 40% and i send them a /tell to "run!!". Then I giggle my ass off.

Beastlords - The Quon can count with his nuts the number of times he's grouped with these aberrations. But it seems like every fourth rez request is from one of these freaks who's all like "I need your help". If they pays, The Quon plays. Beastlords are another class dangerously close to mass Shit Listing based on having the most stupid names per capita. Petme SoftPuss, Catank, Tigerlily Growlinflower, WTF? The only way someone would invite a name like that to a group is if the group leaders were Seigfried and his man-toy Roy.

The Quon's general heal strategy for Beastlords: After I rez one, Celestial usually does the trick. In group? Who the fuck knows?

Druid -
Nature luvin piss ants. If you really want to keep Norrath beautiful, bring along a shovel to pick up after my horse while you wait for someone to call EVAC. Druids are the exiled pimp class of the nation. Never has a class had it so good for so long. And never has a class taken the pipe so deep and so hard and deserved it so much as these assclowns did. Druids are so out of style now I half expect to see them sporting Mullets and Parachute pants. Hell, the only worthwhile port a Druid can do now is for himself, back to a time when his shitcan class was relevent and fun. And Druids...listen up. Don't over-write The Quons buffs. Don't try to drop your second rate CH in front of me. It's just embarrassing. And more than a little sad. On a different note The Quon has a question. Why does it seem like droods can't even wipe their asses unless Tunare tells them too...it's always "By Tunares will this" and "By Tunares might that". By Tunares mouth they toss The Quon's salad... it's all holy roleplaying until they're gargling The Quon's 'SoW potion' in the back alleys of Shadowhaven.

The Quon's general heal strategy for Druids: None. Your heal's the shizz? Then use it on yourself.

Enchanter - I suggest that SOE make chanters start out at level 60 with KEI already memmed in their spellbooks. Prior to lvl 60 your only duty is to wear a skirt and look pretty. Even after 60 there is no need for you to be in a group, just cast KEI on us and beat it, go make some earrings or sit in the corner and whine about being useless. Maybe if your nukes had more punch than a snowball in summer I'd let you group with me, or if your pet could find it's own ass with a map and a ranger tracking for it. No shit, those animations should come with head gear and a Power Ranger backpack. Lastly, If you are a male and playing an enchanter delete that pansie ass toon right now, WTF were you thinking? All the Charisma points in the world won't make me like these asshats.

The Quon's general heal strategy for enchanters: None. It's like trying to grab a piece of toilet paper as it's swirling down the Crappa. If they can't "bedazzle" their way out of trouble then pfuck 'em and their short bus pets.

Magicians - All Mage's should line up in the hallways of Nexus like condom machines in a bathroom. To be truly useful to the Quon you will need to be able to summon the following: A Woodelf Honie with chest guns the size of West Karana, a stripper pole, a phat pile of dollar bills, and a case of Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull 40's. The problem with these Mages is that The Quon has to ask for the shit. The instant The Quon joins a group with a Mage, he should be seeing a trade window with all the stuff that is of benefit to The Quon. Does the Quon look like a Mage to you? NO! How the phuck am I supposed to know what you have to offer? Show the Quon, dazzle him. Or else, just summon a spoon and eat the Quon's ass.

The Quon's general heal strategy for Magicians: Let's be real, The Quon watches the little green bar under the Mage's closer than he watches the Mage's. Yo, if the pet would stick around after a Mage died the Quon wouldn't even bother with a Rez.

Rangers - This one is just too easy, the Quon almost feels guilty rippin on Rangers. No matter what the Quon says about Rangers its been said before. No class has more emotional and physical scarring than the Ranger, the only choice is for The Quon to settle for picking open your scabs. Let's get real, Ranagers are the only class that could save considerable play time by creating a /consent Hot Key. Rangers should get an AA ability that would automatically spawn their corpse at the groups camp, would save everyone some friggin time. The Quon does group with Rangers though from time to time cause its wicked funny when one of their stray arrows catches a Druid in the eye. It's also funny to watch when it starts to rain or something and the Ranger loses HP's. It's like hunting with Bubble Boy. Female Ranger? Make yourself useful by foraging up a condom so the Quon can get his freak on, awwwww yeaaa. Male Ranger? Forage up a pair of pretty pink panties and put them on so it's easier for the Warrior to find your corpse, cause you know you'll get beat down too fast to get a /loc.

The Quon's general heal strategy for Rangers: Open spellbook, look waaaaay in the back for Greater Heal. That's all The Quon is willing to commit. Sometimes though, when The Quon has been getting his drink on, he'll toss The Big Heal Bomb on a Ranger for shits and giggles. And while I do it I scream in both group and say, "Who's a big boy?...Who's a big boy???". Sadly enough though, to get the Big Heal Bomb to land in time, The Quon has to start casting the night before.

Quon out
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The Quon on Classes, Pt 1
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